A Fresh Start: The Jenks House Makeover

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a house. In Jenks, there was this house that needed a makeover. The family living there was getting ready to move and wanted their home to look its best for the next owners. They called us at Zest Painting, and we were thrilled to help out.

Jenks Painting Transformation

The house showed its age with old paint flaking off, some parts of the wood siding coming apart, and a few places where the wood was starting to rot. The family knew that fixing these things up and getting a new paint job would make a huge difference for selling their home. They were right—houses that look good tend to sell faster and for more money.

For the main color, a rich blue called Needlepoint Navy (SW0032) was selected. It’s a beautiful shade that makes the house stand out. Then, we added Snowbound (SW7004) for the trims—it’s a clean, crisp white that isn’t too stark and goes great with the blue and the house’s stone work. Before, the house was all different shades of brown and didn’t really catch your eye. Now, it’s got curb appeal.

We started off by giving the house a soft wash to clean off all the dirt and organic growths like mold and algae. That’s super important because you want the paint to stick and look good for a long time. Then we got to work fixing all the little issues—scraping off the old paint, sanding and priming the surfaces where needed, and finally caulking all cracks and seems. It’s all about the prep work. If you want the paint job to last, you’ve got to do this part right.

At Zest Painting, we’re really proud of our work, so we offer a 5-Year warranty on every job. Plus, we use high-quality paint that comes with a lifetime warranty. Once everything was prepped and ready, we masked off the areas we didn’t want to paint to keep things neat. Then we got down to the actual painting using a mix a spraying, rolling and brushing techniques depending on areas being painted.

Tel and his wife were the homeowners, and they were awesome to work with. They trusted us to make their house look beautiful, and they loved the result. They even got compliments from many neighbors!

This house in Jenks is a perfect example of how Zest Painting can transform a home. If you’re thinking about doing something similar for your home, give us a call. We’re here to help make your house the best-looking one on the block!