Built on the pillars of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, we ensure a mess-free, hassle-free process by using premium quality materials, preparing your home’s interior or exterior beforehand, and bringing our meticulous attention to detail to every project we take on.

Looking to spruce up your interior or breathe new life in your home? The right interior painting can completely transform the ambiance and modernize your house. Additionally, having your home professionally painted can remove any imperfections such as dents, marks, or dings related to everyday use, and create a more polished, clean, and refreshed interior.

At Zest, we believe outstanding interior painting begins with quality preparation and the right products. We use high-quality paints, renowned for their durability, covering ability, ease of cleaning, ultra-smooth finish and zero VOCs. Additionally, we take the time to prepare your home’s interior before we begin painting. This includes covering the floors with paint-proof drop cloths, protecting your furniture with plastic drapes, sanding and priming any chips or peeling on the trim, and filling and caulking minor cracks on the walls, ceilings, or the trims. We will also remove any hardware (such as curtain rods, cover plates, switch plates) and reinstall it once the paint job is complete.

Our painting experts subscribe to the “no-mess” Zest philosophy. Once we’re done painting for the day, we will ensure we leave your home in the condition we found it: we will vacuum and clean the work areas, take away debris, and leave any unused paint at the job site at the end of the project

Getting your home’s exterior repainted protects your property against the elements, adds curb appeal, and increases the value of your house. When it comes to buyers, it’s the first impressions that usually matter the most and your home’s exterior is the first thing a prospective buyer would lay their eyes on. Not only that, but a good exterior paint job can breathe life into your home, give it personality or highlight any unique architectural details to create more visual interest.

When done well, an exterior paint job will seal and protect your home from mildew and moisture, dry rot, as well as the harmful effects of wind, sun, snow, or animal activity. To ensure our painting services deliver outstanding results, we at Zest rely on a combination of professionalism, expertise, and using high-quality painting materials that ensure the aesthetics and durability of any exterior paint job. Our talented painters will take the time to power-wash your exterior before we begin, getting rid of any cobwebs or dirt that might compromise the quality of the coat, caulk any existing cracks, and scape loose or peeling paint, as well as prime exposed or cracked wood. We will also mask off any areas that will not be painted to ensure a 100% mess-free execution.

We use a selection of high-quality paints, renowned for their durability and covering ability. If you’re unsure or would like some guidance regarding color selection, we would be more than happy to help, including testing your swatch before we commit to painting your entire home.


  • Full exterior painting of wood siding, stucco, or any composite siding

  • Decks and fences

  • Sheds, garages, guest houses, and barns

  • Patio covers and pergolas.


Why not give it an affordable make-over by getting your cabinets painted? Cabinet painting is one of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen and breathe new life into your old space without throwing away or buying new cabinets.

We paint the cabinets off-site to ensure minimum disruption and mess inside your home. Once you’ve decided in favor of a kitchen makeover, we will remove all hinges, doors, knobs, and drawers and carefully label them before bringing your cabinets to our painting site. Zest ensures your cabinets will be well taken care of, including thoroughly examining them, filling any knicks, and caulking any cracks, as well as scraping off dirt and old grease. Preparation is essential when it comes to achieving that smooth, polished, seamless look of a gorgeously painted cabinet and we always go the extra mile to ensure results nothing short of perfection.

Following the cleaning, we will prime your cabinets with 1-3 coats depending on existing cabinet material. This seals the surface and improve paint adhesion and durability. We will then spray the doors and drawers with a multi-coat process using high-quality KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) approved products for an even, beautiful and long-lasting finish.  And we will obviously sand the cabinets before and between every coat using cutting-edge equipment with dust management system.

Once we’re done repainting or lacquering your cabinets, we will bring them to your home, reassemble and install them back in your kitchen. Getting a brand-new kitchen vibe is as easy as saying ready, Zest, paint!


Including cabinet painting, staining, lacquering, and refinishing high-end furniture, bookcases, custom shelving, cabinets and more. We bring meticulous attention to detail with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, and we aspire to provide our clients with outstanding results in a timely manner. To do that, we take the time to understand your needs and walk you through the cabinet painting process.